Welcome to my SOLD Gallery!

These are my Items that

I have Sold.


SOLD 2013

 Sold to Connie



SOLD 2012

Sold to Patti Smith                                    Sold to Layla


 Sold to Cissi                                                Sold to Sue ab Jet black bracelet & Purple Crystal Bracelet


  Sold to my Cousin Jean Mattice        SOLD to Robin Benedict      Sold These Earrings to Patti Smith



 Custom made Necklaces!          She loves her Necklace!           Just Sold a pair of Rainbow moonstone

 She Love the Necklaces                                                                     Earrings to a Friend of mine. Just made a necklace to match.

                                                                                                                 She just Loves them!


Custom ordered that I did for my friend!   


She loves her bracelets and Necklace!


SOLD In 2011


SOLD these Labradorite earrings to Renee and she loves them.


SOLD this Purple Paua Shell Necklace to Sharon and she loves her Necklace.


Sold this CR ring to Cindy and she love to wear it!


SOLD this Labradorite Necklace to Jessica, She loves it and wears it all the time.


Sold this Purple Mohave Turquoise Ring to Lou and she loves to wear it!

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