Jewelry Party's


Do you live in the San Diego, Ca Area?

Interested in hosting a jewelry party?

Contact your friends and family if they would

be interested in coming to a jewelry party

at your home!




You never need a good excuse to spend some fun time

with friends and family, but if you did need one, here's

a great way to spead a few hours together sharing your

love for quality unique hand-crafted jewelry. You provide

the party, and I'll provide the jewelry and the opportunity

for you and your guest to see and buy my creations in person.



Sounds like a fun time! Interested in setting up a party?

Contact me by email at:







1. a minimum of eight (8) guests (excluding host) This makes it worth my while and yours

    as well, because at a thank you to you for hosting this event, for every $100.00 worth of

    sales at your party, you will earn $20.00 buying credit towards jewelry for yourself. The

    buying credit will determind by rounding off to the nearest $100.00.


2. Credit card, checks (with proper ID) and cash will be accepted.


3. An area to set up the jewerly display, a large dining room table or a coffee table works

    great, but I have folding tables I can bring if needed.


4.  if someone from your party books a party of their own, you will earn:

     $40.00 credit towards buying jewelry, once their party has been completed




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